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Where is Torrevieja located in Spain?
Torrevieja is a nice Mediterranean town situated in the middle of Costa Blanca It neighbors the resorts of playa flamenca and 3 golf courses.

Where is the nearest airport?
Alicante and Murcia “San Javier” are 35 minutes drive away and are served by most of the UK's main airports.

How many property designs can I choose from?
Whilst we have a number of different property they usually serve as a useful starting point for most of our clients as modifications to suit your personal requirements are always possible. . There are, therefore, limitless possibilities.

Whereabouts are the property developments?
We have numerous development some of which are located by the sea, others further inland and even some offering panoramic mountain views across the golf courses.
Am I obliged to buy something on my trip?
We assume that you would be in a position to reserve a property should you see something you like, but you will not be subjected to forceful or hard sell sales tactics. Our properties sell themselves and it is in our interests and yours that you choose the property that best suits your requirements.

How long will it take to build my house?
Currently, most new properties are ready in about 12 to 18 months.

I can only afford 50% of the property's value, can I get a mortgage easily?
Spanish mortgages at rates lower than in the UK are easily arranged for non-residents, subject to your financial circumstances. It is usual to borrow up to a maximum of 70% of the property's value. Alternatively, you may be able to arrange finance from lenders in your country of residence.

The documents you will need when applying for a mortgage are:
- Income Tax Return (Form P60).
- Proof of Earnings (last 3 pay slips, Pension statement).
- Copy of Passport.
- Copy of Purchase Contract.

Do I need a Spanish bank account?
Whilst there is no legal requirement to open a Spanish bank account, it makes the process easier if you do. Your payments and tax affairs can then be easily managed in Spain without the need to wire funds from your country of residence.

How much extra should I allow for taxes and legal fees?
VAT (known as IVA in Spain) is currently 7%. For legal fees, add another 2%-3%.

How do I reserve the property if I see something I like?
We ask for a deposit of 3000€ to reserve the property. This can be in the form of a cheque drawn on a UK bank account or cash.

Do I pay for the property before it's built or on completion?
For new constructions, payment is divided into convenient stage payments. The first 50% is due approximately 4-6 weeks after you sign the purchase order, and the remainder, on completion to your personal satisfaction. This means that you inspect the property before you signed the deed.

How can I be sure that everything will be conducted legally?
We will help you to appoint a legal solicitor who will ensure that your property transaction is conducted in accordance with Spanish legal requirements. They will also register your tax status as a resident/non-resident as well as perform checks and local searches relevant to your property. We can recommend several English-speaking solicitors for this purpose.

What happens if, on returning home, I change my mind and decide not to complete the purchase?
We ask that you are sure of your intention to purchase your chosen property as your deposit is non-refundable should you later change your mind.

I have heard worrying stories about Spanish property developers. What is the quality of the properties like?
It is true that in the past, the quality of some Spanish building companies was questionable. Our developers, however, use only the finest building materials to offer you a guaranteed, first class finish to your new Spanish home. Hopefully, the pictures of our properties on this site are testimony to this fact.

What if something goes wrong after I have moved in?
All of our work is guaranteed to very high standards. As in the UK, new properties are guaranteed for 10 years. Given that our clients inspect the property prior to their last payment, it is unusual for problems to arise later. However, our builders will be pleased to return to fix any unforeseen eventualities.

Once I have decided and signed a contract, could the price increase for any reason by the time it is finished?
No. The price for the properties that appears in your contract will remain the same regardless.

Things to bear in mind

Questions and AnswersWhat is an N.I.E. Number?
The N.I.E. is a foreigner's identification number. All foreigners living in Spain must apply for the identification number

How do I apply for permanent residence (Residencia)?
You must apply for Residencia if you live in Spain for more than 183 days. The documents you will need when applying for Residencia are:

- Passport.
- Photographs.
- Proof of Monthly Income or Pension.
- Proof of Private Health Insurance or E121 Form.
- Consult us for further details.

Can I set up a Spanish will?
Property owners are strongly advised to make a Spanish will, an uncomplicated process.

What is the "Community of Owners"?
The community of owners comprises all those who own a property in an urbanisation/apartment block etc. It is responsible for the maintenance of all communal areas, swimming pool etc. There is an elected President (Presidente) and an Administrator (Administrador). Community fees (cuota) are based on the m² of the property and communal facilities available. Community fees are generally paid on a yearly basis - this is a legal obligation.

What is "The Padrón"?
If you live in Spain for more than six months, you must sign on the local Town Hall Register (Padrón). To register, you will need your Title Deeds (Escritura) or utility bill and your passport.
Running your home

Explain for me my running costs?
Running costs in Spain are low. You will expect to pay for:

- Utilities - water, electricity, telephone etc.
- Community of Owners fee.
- Home insurance.
- Fiscal fee (see tax obligations below).
- Property management fee - if you are renting your property.
- Note that bills are paid via direct debit from your Spanish bank account.

What are my tax obligations?
These are as follows:

- Income tax (Renta).
- Wealth tax (Patrimonio).
- Property tax (IBI) - similar to rates.
- Your fiscal representative will handle payment of your taxes. Consult us for further details.

Selling your property

How easy will it be to sell my property?
There is a thriving market for resale properties - high appreciation in value. We have a Resale Department - your property will be advertised locally and internationally. If you are looking to sell your home, the documents required include:

- Title Deeds (Escritura).
- Water, electricity contracts and receipts.
- Photocopies of Passports and N.I.E. Numbers.
- Consult us for further details.

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Tips and Advice

After sale service

In order to provide our clients the best service as possible La Casa Blanca Estates is collaborating with a prestigious local firm of solicitors and other recognized suppliers in Torrevieja.

 Legal service

- Redaction of contracts of sale
- Translation of contracts into English and German
- Preparation of title deeds
- Assistance and translation of title deeds at the notary
- Liquidation of taxes related to title deeds
- Application for fiscal identification number, N.I.E. (non-residents)
- Tax declarations for non-residents (mod. 214)
- Change of titular at the local tax - (SUMA) and cadastre offices
- New or change of -electricity- and water contracts
- All kind of legal advice procedures required by non-residents
- Mortgages

For more information please contact us at

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Spain Property

The Costa Blanca or White Coast, which extends along that section of the Mediterranean coast, which corresponds, to the province of Alicante, is made up of two clearly differentiated scenic sectors. To the North, a curtain of mountains runs parallel to the sea, descending at times to form cliffs; to the South, a vast plain of sand patches, palm trees and salt deposits make up the backdrop for the beaches.

The traveller can choose any of the corners of this coast, from the most bustling and cosmopolitan to those, which still maintain their rural air beside the sea. In any case, the trip to the nearby regions is well worth the venture for they make up a fine representation of the typical Mediterranean countryside. From the valleys, which are covered with stepped orchards and keep alive its Moorish past, to the palm trees of unmistakable African origin, the horizons of the Costa Blanca offer the most varied attractions

The climate offers variations as well. The temperatures are usually mild -the annual average is a little higher than 17ºC- and rain is scarce, though the rainfall is logically higher in the mountainous northern sector, in comparison with the lowlands which surround Elche and Orihuela. The fields of almond trees, the vineyards, the fruit orchards and the magnificent palm trees form vegetation, which emphasises the oriental nature of the landscape.

The south coast of Alicante, from the mouth of the Segura River in Guardamar to Pilar de la Horadada, has experienced spectacular growth rates in tourism over the last few years.
This quality coastline with its sandy beaches, exotic dunes, rolling hills of the interior, and challenging golf courses, plus numerous residential estates and tourist accommodations, have consolidated this part of the coast as an ideal destination for a few days of leisure or a complete summer or winter holiday.

Guardamar Del Segura

The ancient town was built on a hill whose skirts were washed by the river Segura. Still preserved are the ruins of a castle and other historic remains from Hellenic times, when this town was a port.

Eleven kilometres of dunes and sandy beaches in Guardamar give you the chance to choose isolated spots or more frequented spots where you can spend the day near the sea.


Torrevieja is mainly a residential area, perfect for all year round living due to its excellent climate: Over 300 days of sun a year and an average temperature of 20ºC. It is also a popular holiday area thanks to its many fine beaches and lively atmosphere. The other important economic resource of this coastal town, coexisting with tourism, is the salt it extracts from the La Mata and Torrevieja salt flats now listed as a national park.

The Torrevieja salt flats have a perimeter of 25 Km, and are connected to the La Mata lagoon. From the lagoon, the Acequión canal runs to the sea. Today, residential areas are built on the surrounding hills, but the parkland has been preserved.


Punta Prima, Playa Flamenca, Villamartín, La Zenia, Cabo Roig, Dehesa de Campoamor - these are all tourist resorts founded to attend to the rising national and international demand for quality vacation spots. Today they provide comfort and relaxation for many fortunate guests. The area is considered ideal for golfing, and three excellent 18-hole courses have been constructed. The challenging terrain, with Mediterranean shrub land, trees and vegetation, provides impeccable facilities for golf enthusiasts.

For more information about the Costa Blanca or about properties in the Costa Blanca contact us at

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